Proposal Would Allow Motorists to Euthanize Animals if They’re Severely Injured in an Auto Accident

Utah State Capitol 11If you have ever hit an animal with your car, you know the personal pain, especially if you have children with you.

And if the animal is not immediately killed, well, it is just worse.

This doesn’t even measure the pain of the injured animal.

Rep. David Lifferth, R-Eagle Mountain, wants to take the pain out of at least one side of the equation:

HB284 would allow a defense to cruelty to animals if, having struck and severely injured an animal, you then put the animal out of its misery in a humane manner.

Lifferth, an attorney, says it is not a license to strike a deer, kill it with your handgun and harvest the deer. For it would still be against the law to take and use any road kill.

But many Utahns have guns in their vehicles – state law was changed several years ago to include your vehicle as part of your property, where, of course, you can have and store a firearm.

So, if you struck an animal, and it was clearly not going to survive – a deer with a badly broken leg, for example – then you could use your weapon to quickly and humanely kill the animal and – while perhaps feeling terrible about the whole incident – leave the scene and not worry about being charged later with a crime against an animal for killing the creature to take it out of misery.