Ten Things You Need to Know Today – Monday, February 8, 2016

Good Monday morning from Salt Lake City. There are 327 days left in 2016.

Rubio chokes in the final debate before New Hampshire. The LDS Church voices its opposition to a medical marijuana bill. An activist group prepares to sue the state over education funding.

The clock:

  • The 2016 New Hampshire Primary is tomorrow – (2/9/2016)
  • 12 days to the Nevada Democratic Caucuses and South Carolina Republican Primary (2/20/2016)
  • 15 days to the Nevada Republican Caucuses (2/23/2016)
  • 19 days to the South Carolina Democratic Primary (2/27/2016)
  • 34 days to the final day of the 2016 Utah Legislature – (3/10/2016)
  • 46 days to the Utah Republican and Democratic caucus meetings (3/22/2016)
  • 78 days to the Utah Republican and Democratic State Conventions (4/23/2016)
  • 144 days to the 2016 Utah primary election – (6/28/2016)
  • 161 days to the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland (7/18/2016)
  • 168 days to the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia (7/25/2016)
  • 277 days until the 2016 presidential election – (11/8/2016)

Monday’s top-10 headlines:

  1. Yikes. Marco Rubio‘s opponents are piling on after he turns in a brutal debate performance ahead of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary [Politico, Washington Post, New York Times].
  2. Jeb Bush‘s campaign manager is warning staffers to watch for “dirty tricks” from the Rubio campaign as voters go to the polls in New Hampshire [Politico].
  3. Ted Cruz releases a list of New Hampshire endorsements which includes a lawmaker who did not endorse him [New York Times].
  4. The LDS Church voices its opposition to Sen. Mark Madsen‘s medical marijuana bill [2 News, Fox 13, Deseret News, Tribune].
  5. Alliance for a Better Utah is preparing a lawsuit against Utah alleging the Legislature is not adequately funding public schools [Tribune].
  6. House Speaker Greg Hughes says the relationship between majority Republicans and the minority Democrats has soured to the point that changes in the way the legislature runs are needed [Utah Policy].
  7. Trouble brewing? Rep. Chris Stewart is the only member of Utah’s Congressional delegation with approval ratings below 50% [Utah Policy].
  8. Utah’s highly controversial “guest worker” law, passed in 2011 but never implemented, may be repealed this year [Tribune, Deseret News, Fox 13].
  9. As we enter week #3 of the 2016 Legislature, lawmakers are staring down the barrel of a record number of bills [Fox 13].
  10. A Senate committee advances a resolution declaring pornography a public health crisis in Utah [Tribune, Deseret News, Fox 13].

On this day in history:

  • 1587 – Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded, charged with conspiring to kill England’s Queen Elizabeth I.
  • 1692 – A doctor in Massachusetts Bay Colony said two village girls were possibly bewitched, a charge that set off the Salem witch trials.
  • 1999 – The Senate heard closing arguments in President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial.
  • 2002 – The Olympic Winter Games opened in Salt Lake City.