Marco Rubio Announces Utah Campaign Team

The Marco Rubio Campaign is proud to announce their Utah Team!  

Utah’s entire Congressional delegation has endorsed Marco Rubio along with Lt. Governor Spencer Cox, Speaker of the House Greg Hughes and many other State Legislators and elected officials. Support for Marco is growing daily in the State of Utah because Marco Rubio is the candidate that best represents what America needs in a conservative leader.  Marco’s vision of achieving the American Dream while doing what is best for the country stems from the founding principles that define America.  

Stan Lockhart, Co-chair of the Marco Rubio Campaign in Utah commented; “I endorse Marco Rubio for many reasons. I really believe he is our best hope for a Republican to be elected President in 2016. He is an outsider committed to changing Washington DC. His record is full of conservative policies, values and ideals. I relate to him because he is authentic and genuine.  He inspires all of us with a journey of achieving the American Dream and he is dedicated to helping all Americans achieve our own hopes and dreams.” 


Team Rubio Utah

Stan Lockhart



Chris Stewart, Co-Chair

Speaker of the House

Greg Hughes, Co-Chair

Lt. Governor

Spencer Cox


Rob Bishop


Jason Chaffetz


Mia Love

Andy Pierucci

State Field Director

Cindie Quintana

Communications Director

Senator Todd Weiler Rep. Steve Handy Rep. Becky Edwards Rep. Doug Sagers Rep. Brad Daw
Rep. Brad Dee Rep. Mike McKell Rep. Paul Ray Rep. Bruce Cutler Rep. Robert Spendlove
Rep. Kevin Stratton Rep. Lowry Snow Rep. Lee Perry Mayor Troy Walker Senator Jerry Stevenson
Rep. Steve Eliason Rep. Keith Grover Rep. Mike Schultz Rep. Jon Stanard Rep. Mike Noel
Val Hale Stan Summers Kerry Gibson Debbie Lauret Clair Ellis
Hannah Lockhart John Seaman Spencer Stokes Jeff Rogers Howard Headlee
Charlie Bradley Scott Simpson Jeff Hartley Justin Allen Casey Hill
Mike Winder Aimee Winder Newton Robert Gross Stuart Reid Casey Voeks
David Bradford Scott Ericson Dell & Connie Smith Logan Sisam Kyle Hicks
Holly Richardson Merrick McDonald Adam Gardiner Debby Sorensen Julie Wright Anderson
DeAnn Schmalz Kelly Heidi Sotelo Patty Tew Dave Hansen Lorie Fowlke
Beau Sorenson Karen Ellingson Dee Jay Bawden Diane Christensen Brad Winn
Thomas Hatch Suzett Green-Wright Craig Buttars Joel Wright Jodi Hart
Swen Howard John English Natalie Fleming Brian Smith Bob Buckner
Mark Shepherd Glen P. Haynie Russ Wall Bart Barker Clarissa Christiansen
Rick West Daniel Waltz Pualani Graham George King Sherrie Hall Everett
Rachel Reeves Kory Holdaway Cynthia Gambill Charles McHenry Bryan Hopkins
George Ferris Dave Whittle Gary Taylor David Cox Max Thorsen
Anne Hunsinger Mark Taylor Carter Morgan Barrett Anderson Sylvia Anderson
Curtis Beckstrom Kayelyn Robinson Tim Shumway David Linford Dan Conder
Susan Judd Jay Brummett Jim Moss Grayson Massey Professor Nate Caplin, JD
John Breeding Dama Barbour Raelene Blocker Michael Nixon  

For more information about volunteering for Team Rubio Utah, please email:[email protected].