Hatch, Lee Part Ways Over Immigration Bill

Sen. Orrin Hatch is optimistic about the Gang of Eight’s immigration reform bill and says he’s leaning toward supporting it, reports National Review:

“We’ve had a lot of input on the current bill, as it’s formulated. Not only a number of amendments, but I also helped work out the guest-worker part,” Hatch explains, citing his work to expand the provision for H1-B visas. “That goes a long way toward having me support it,” he says.

Sen. Mike Lee, meanwhile, tells Fox News that the bill likely has enough votes to pass but that it won’t deliver what its proponents promise.

“They’ve promised us that under this bill, illegal immigration will be a thing of the past. It won’t,” Lee argued. ”They told us that it would be tough but fair, and it’s neither. It’s not tough on those who have broken the law and it’s not fair to those who have been patiently waiting their turn in line to come to this country legally.”

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