Chaffetz Trolls Ted Cruz in Nevada

Rep. Jason Chaffetz shadows the Cruz campaign in Nevada on behalf of Marco Rubio with the goal of providing “a little perspective” to Cruz’s supporters.

Reports NBC News:

The chair of the House Oversight Committee stood in a white dress shirt and slacks in the back of a Best Western parking lot here on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


“I just happened to be in the neighborhood,” said a smiling Jason Chaffetz, a Republican congressman from Utah who would likely have very little reason to be meandering through the western town surrounded by a vast desert.


But in actuality, Chaffetz is a backer and surrogate for Marco Rubio. And on this day, he drove to the city that sits an hour outside of Vegas to attend the Ted Cruz rally taking place in a parking lot.


“I’m offering a little oversight, a little perspective,” Chaffetz added as reporters began to huddle around him.