Chaffetz Sides with Apple In Privacy Fight

Rep. Jason Chaffetz says Apple is right to resist a government court order directing the company to hack an iPhone belonging to an Islamic terrorist.

Reports CNBC:

Republican House Judiciary Committee member Jason Chaffetz said Tuesday a smartphone is either “encrypted or it’s not.”


Ahead of afternoon testimony before the committee from Apple’s top lawyer and the FBI’s director, Chaffetz told CNBC: “I’m more in the Apple camp on this one, in saying it’s a dangerous precedent for the government to come and dictate that you have to hand … access to all of your data, in case you commit a crime in the future.”


At issue is a government court order directing the tech giant to help authorities hack the iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino terrorists. Last week, Apple filed a motion to vacate, saying creating such a tool would open a Pandora’s Box.


“Unfortunately in this day and age you can’t keep it away from the bad guys,” Chaffetz told “Squawk Box.”