National Headlines 3-4-16

Fox News takes on Trump (Politico)

GOP crackup has Democrats in stitches (Politico)

Trump in the crosshairs at rowdy GOP debate (The Hill)

Trump: I’m ‘changing’ my position on immigrant visas (The Hill)

Obamas to remain in D.C. after presidency so daughter can finish high school (USA Today)

Motown Showdown: Surging Trump faces GOP rivals – after debating Romney from afar (FOX News)

Indictment accuses Bundy, followers of conspiracy in Nevada (Associated Press)

Caitlyn Jenner: ‘I like Ted Cruz’ (USA Today)

Senate Democrats keep heat on Grassley as Supreme Court fight intensifies (Washington Post)

GOP ex-national security officials: Say no to Trump (CNN)

Chief Justice Rejects Effort to Block EPA Limit on Power Plants (New York Times)