Salt Lake Chamber Statement Regarding H.B. 251

SL Chamber LogoLane Beattie, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber, issued the following statement regarding H.B. 251 Post Employment Restrictions Amendment:

“After intense and collaborative negotiations with business leaders and legislators, the Salt Lake Chamber supports a breakthrough regarding non-compete agreements.
“The latest version of H.B. 251 (Sub 8) preserves non-compete agreements, while placing reasonable restrictions to safeguard employers and employees. This bill limits non-compete agreements to one year, but eliminates all the other proposed restrictions from previous versions of the bill. 
“We commend legislators, particularly Speaker Greg Hughes and the bill’s sponsor Rep. Mike Shultz, for making this issue a priority. We also appreciate Sen. Stuart Adams and Rep. Timothy Hawkes for their efforts to facilitate a solution to many concerns expressed by the business community about this issue. 
“This has been a valuable discussion, as the Legislature has elevated issues surrounding non-compete agreements within Utah’s business community. Business leaders are now evaluating the validity of their existing agreements. This is a positive development for all involved, though we understand that some businesses will continue to have concerns about this proposal.
“The Salt Lake Chamber commits to working with businesses and the sponsors to continue this dialogue through the interim and future legislative sessions.”