Why Mormons Don’t Like Trump

At The Federalist, Mike Garner, a Mormon, explains why LDS voters may represent a roadblock to Donald Trump’s goal of reaching the 1,237 delegate threshold he needs to secure the GOP nomination.

Writes Garner:

There are a number of reasons Mormons have so overwhelmingly rejected Trump. For one, Mormons go to church. Many pundits were shocked when evangelical Christians in South Carolina (and elsewhere) voted for thrice-divorced philanderer Trump over son-of-a-preacher-man Cruz.


But there’s at least some evidence to suggest that Trump’s support among evangelicals comes largely from the type of Christian who doesn’t go to church all that often. When you look only at those evangelicals who attend church at least weekly, Cruz destroys Trump. There’s no reason this same pattern shouldn’t hold for Mormons.Since Mormons tend to go to church far more frequently than the average American, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Latter-Day Saints aren’t pulling the lever for Trump.


Another significant reason Mormons have rejected Trump has to do with our unique place in American history. Ours was the only major religious group in the nation’s history that suffered government-sanctioned violence. This persecution came to a head in 1838 when the governor of Missouri issued an extermination order legalizing the murder of any Mormon who refused to leave the state.


Needless to say, this history has made Latter-Day Saints sensitive to loud-mouthed politicians who single out religious minorities. Most Mormons were appalled by Trump’s suggestion that we ban all Muslims from entering the United States. The way Trump speaks about minority groups strikes a raw nerve with Mormons. To vote for Trump, Mormons would have to willingly forget their own history as the objects of fear and mistrust.


Finally, Mormons have rejected Trumpism as a natural consequence of the near-canonical respect the church has for the U.S. Constitution. It is accepted as a doctrinal truth in the church that the Constitution was inspired by God, and should thus be defended at all costs. Mormons take this issue very seriously. Cruz has shown the same level of reverence for the Constitution that most Mormons hold, making him a natural fit for many Latter-Day Saint voters. Trump, on the other hand, seems to be as well-versed in the Constitution as he is in “Two Corinthians.”