RDA Announces Public Open House to Gain Community Input on New State Street Project Area

The Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City invites the public to an open house at Horizonte Instruction and Training Center at 1234 South Main Street on Wednesday, March 30 from 6 to 8 p.m. to discuss a proposed community reinvestment project area—“State Street Project Area.”

Staff from the RDA, Salt Lake City Council, and Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office will be present at the event to talk with attendees about the area within the proposed boundaries, which are roughly 200 East to 200 West, and 400 South to 2100 South.

The RDA and its Board have identified the residential neighborhoods and business districts within the State Street Project Area as in need of revitalization and are seeking input from residents, businesses, property owners, and other community members to help shape the creation of a strategic plan for the proposed area’s redevelopment.

In addition to familiarizing the public with the RDA’s role in Salt Lake City’s revitalization via creating housing opportunities, improving infrastructure, and driving economic development, Wednesday’s open house will facilitate feedback on:

·       What types of redevelopment projects should the RDA focus on?

·       Which areas within the proposed boundaries should be targeted as top priorities?

·       What types of housing are most needed?

·       What kinds of businesses and organizations would residents like to see more of?

Spanish-speaking City officials will be present to provide translation.

“By engaging people in discussions about their priorities and visions for the neighborhood in which they live and work, the RDA is truly facilitating community-driven revitalization,” said RDA Board Chair and City Council Member Lisa Adams. “This public open house is just one of many vital parts of the RDA’s larger community outreach initiative involving community and school community councils, local developers, chambers of commerce, business owners, and other City stakeholders.”

The State Street Project Area is one of two new community reinvestment project areas proposed, the other being the “9 Line Project Area,” which spans outwards from the 900 West 900 South node to encompass parts of the Glendale and Poplar Grove neighborhoods. The RDA will organize similar public engagement events and opportunities to gain feedback from residents and stakeholders in and adjacent to the proposed 9 Line boundaries.

“I’m so pleased that the RDA is establishing two project areas that include diverse sections of the City,” said Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski. “The State Street and 9 Line neighborhoods will soon benefit from City investment in residential, business, infrastructure, open space, public art, and other types of projects that will spur economic growth and property value increases.”

The RDA’s already-established active project areas include: Central Business District, Depot District, Granary District, North Temple, West Capitol Hill, and West Temple Gateway.