How to be a Giant: Go Beyond, and Serve Your Community

In the latest podcast we speak with the very humble, Ron Jibson, president and CEO of the Questar Corporation, who was recently honored as the 37th Giant in our City.

We ask the question everyone wants to know: “What does it mean to be a Giant in our City?” In addition to his life story, how he got to where he is today and how he feels the community impacted this honor.

We also look at what is in the future for Questar, how the relationship with Dominion influence them and the energy industry’s responsibilities to communities.

About our Guest

Ron Jibson was recently honored as the 37th Giant in our City. He has served as Questar’s president and chief executive officer and as a director since June 2010. He was appointed chairman of the board July 1, 2012. Mr. Jibson is also CEO of Questar subsidiaries Wexpro Company, Questar Gas Company, and Questar Pipeline Company. In his 35 years at Questar, Mr. Jibson has held various other Questar positions such as corporation’s executive vice president; vice president of operations for Questar Gas Company and Questar Pipeline Company; general manager of operations, and director of engineering for Questar Gas Company.

Mr. Jibson has significant industry involvement, serving as past chairman of the board of directors of the American Gas Association, which represents more than 200 local energy companies delivering natural gas to more than 65 million customers. He is past chair of Western Energy Institute, and also serves on the board of Gas Technology Institute. Ron is also chairman of Utah State University’s board of trustees, past chair of the Salt Lake Chamber Board of Governors and past chair of the Economic Development Corporation of Utah. He serves on the board of IDACORP and its subsidiary, Idaho Power Company, a regulated electric utility, and serves on the board of National Fuel Gas, an integrated energy company.  He also serves on the Utah Symphony/Utah Opera board and The Women’s Leadership Institute board.  He is a past chair of Junior Achievement of Utah, and was on the boards of United Way of Salt Lake and the Utah Shakespearean Festival.