Carly Fiorina Endorses Senator Mike Lee for Re-election

Former GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina and her Political Action Committee, Carly for America, endorsed U.S. Senator Mike Lee for re-election.

“Mike Lee is a constitutional conservative who will bring back what our Founders believed in: A citizen government,” said Ms. Fiorina.

“Senator Lee’s Conservative Reform Agenda is exactly the kind of leadership we need to take our government and our country back,” she continued. “Mike understands that our inept and corrupt government bureaucracy favors the wealthy and the well connected even as it crushes the potential of so many Americans left behind by a political class concerned only with maintaining its power.” 

This is the first time that Ms. Fiorina and her PAC have endorsed a U.S. Senate Candidate.

“I deeply appreciate Carly Fiorina’s support,” said Senator Lee. “She is a great leader who understands the need for a bold conservative agenda that will provide opportunity for the poor, strengthen and expand the middle class, and end special privilege for the well-connected. I have spent my first term in the United States Senate advocating such an agenda and look forward to an additional six years of continuing this great work.”