Digital Inclusion Fellowship Applications Open for Second Year

Last year, we introduced the Digital Inclusion Fellowship, and paired Fellows with community organizations to help build digital inclusion programs in Google Fiber cities.

From leading digital literacy courses to training volunteers, Fellows have been hard at work over the past 9 months helping to close the digital divide in their communities. Just last month, Susan Reaves, a Fellow at the Nashville Public Library, led computer basics courses for 76 people, and trained 7 volunteers who can now help run courses of their own. We want more Fellows like Susan to help people take advantage of the Web.

Today, in partnership with the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), we’re opening applications for the second year of the Digital Inclusion Fellowship. 22 fellowship positions are now available in community based organizations across 11 cities, including 3 new cities: Portland, OR, San Antonio, TX, and San Francisco, CA. Much like our ConnectHome commitment and affordable Broadband offering, this Fellowship is a long-term investment in the cities we work with. As the lead sponsor, Google Fiber will again contribute more than $1 million to help administer the Fellowship. Our current fellows have reached thousands of people lacking Internet access, trained hundreds of volunteers, and received positive feedback from community members. And with the help of NTEN, we hope to continue our progress.

20160420 Google Fiber Internships

Caption: Applications are now open for 22 Fellowship positions in community based organizations across eleven cities, including three new cities: Portland, OR, San Antonio, TX, and San Francisco, CA.

As we expand the Fellowship into its second year, we’re sharpening the focus on digital literacy. Participants will work on digital literacy projects, and help to train adults on a variety of computer skills. Some Fellows will work on expanding their Hosts’ current digital literacy courses, or building new programs with community partners. In addition to organizations that specialize in digital inclusion, Fellows will also be hosted by libraries, adult literacy organizations, and organizations that provide affordable housing. And, like last year, all Fellows will attend a week long orientation program, where they’ll be trained on digital literacy best practices and work to develop leadership skills.

To join the growing community of digital inclusion practitioners, apply to the Fellowship now through May 13, 2016.

“Over the past 9 months, the Digital Inclusion Fellows have been hard at work bringing people online for the first time. To continue the progress of the Digital Inclusion Fellowship, led by the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), we’re expanding the Fellowship to a second year, and opening applications for 22 positions across 11 cities. We’re looking forward to working with this year’s Fellows, local organizations, and NTEN over the next year as they build new digital literacy programs for their communities.” — Andrew Bentley, Digital Inclusion Specialist, Google Fiber