Gov. Herbert Calls Special Session of Utah State Legislature

Utah State Capitol 17Gov. Gary R. Herbert has issued a call for a special session of the Utah State Legislature to address two separate items:


  • A concurrent resolution opposing the unilateral designation of a national monument in the state of Utah

  • The restoration of funds for several items in S.B. 2, including $4.775 million for education initiatives

“It is absolutely irresponsible for the Obama Administration to consider a new national monument that is over two and a half times the size of Rhode Island without input from Utahns from across the state who will be significantly impacted by this decision,” Gov. Herbert said. “As governor of the State of Utah, I have stated repeatedly that I oppose such a declaration. Today, I am asking every member of the Utah State Legislature to go on record and join me in expressing our opposition to another unilateral national monument within the state.”

Cabinet members from the Obama Administration have told Gov. Herbert that no national monument will be designated in Utah without an open, public process occurring first.

“I call on President Obama to adhere to the commitments made by his staff and engage directly with Utah’s elected officials and the general public on any proposed national monument in the state of Utah,” Gov. Herbert said.

A similar resolution was passed by the Utah State House of Representatives during the 2016 General Session but did not receive a vote in the Utah State Senate. The special session will occur in conjunction with the regularly scheduled interim meetings on May 18, 2016.

Full text of the letter issuing the call is available here.