Press Release: Chaffetz Blitzed in Opponent’s First Radio Ad

Republican Chia-Chi Teng released an ad informing the public of Representative Jason Chaffetz’s vote for the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill on January 15, 2014. The bill was opposed by conservative groups such as Heritage Action and Club For Growth.

The advertisement depicts a behind-the-scenes conversation between radio voice talent and a radio commercial producer as they discuss Mr. Chaffetz’s vote.  The advertisement says:

Announcer: Jason Chaffetz joined the D.C. establishment voting for a $1.1 million dollar government spending bill.
Producer: Cut, it’s not a million dollars, he voted for a trillion dollars, again.
Announcer: Sorry (hmm-hmmm) Jason Chaffetz joined the D.C. establishment voting for a $1.1 billion dollar spending bill.
Producer: Cut, not a billion dollars. It’s a trillion dollars, trillion. Got it?
Announcer: Got it. Chaffetz, trillion dollars? Are you sure? Why did he vote for that? I thought Chaffetz was conservative?
Producer: Don’t know. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee didn’t vote for it, neither did Marco Rubio, but Chaffetz did, joining the D.C. establishment, adding to the national debt, hurting the economy and killing jobs.
Teng: Hi, I’m Republican Chia-Chi Teng, and I approve this message and ask for your vote because it’s time for Washington to start living within its means.
Announcer: Paid for by Teng for Utah.

“The debt is $19 trillion, almost double what it was when Mr. Chaffetz was first elected. When voters find out he’s part of the problem instead of the solution, they realize it’s time for a change,” said Chia-Chi Teng.

The advertisement is playing around the 3rd District on talk radio and can be heard online at