New Utah Group Formed to Stop Trump, Clinton

A group of leading conservative Republicans in Utah announced a new committee called Stop Trump Stop Hillary with the purpose to nominate a conservative Republican at the 2016 National Convention in Cleveland.

Utah stopped Trump’s winning streak by voting for Senator Ted Cruz and handing the New York reality star an overwhelming loss during the March 22 caucus.

“Utah stopped Trump’s march to the Republican Nomination, but we need to finish the job. Donald Trump is not conservative, but reckless and cavalier. He refuses to acknowledge the inspired restraints in the US Constitution that protect our liberties,” said Howard Headlee, chairman of Stop Trump Stop Hillary. “If we want to make sure that Hillary Clinton is not elected, that conservative justices are appointed to the Supreme Court, and that down-ballot races are not negatively impacted by Trump, we need to nominate the most conservative person who can win the White House.”

“History shows that a lot can happen when no one arrives at the Republican Convention with enough delegates to secure the nomination,” said Stan Lockhart, former Utah Republican Party Chair and Treasurer of Stop Trump Stop Hillary. “We need to send back National Delegates who are vetted, whose hands are not tied, and who are committed to stopping Trump and Hillary. That’s a high order, but we believe Utah will play a key role in doing it.”

Later this week, the Stop Trump Stop Hillary PAC will present a robust slate of conservative candidates for National Delegates. We have thoroughly vetted our candidates for National Delegate as individuals whose principle goal is to stop Trump from receiving the Republican Nomination and nominate a conservative who can defeat Hillary in November. #StopTrumpStopHillary is registered with the Federal Elections Committee and we are committed to follow all of the rules governing this important process.