Abby Huntsman Says Josh Romney Should Challenge Mike Lee in 2016

MSNBC commentator Abby Huntsman says Josh Romney would have success against Sen. Mike Lee in 2016 if he runs to the political left of Lee.

Mediaite flags the statement by Huntsman noted Lee’s approval ratings are falling in Utah, and he’s ripe for a challenge.

Huntsman made a slightly more compelling case, though, for Lee’s political diminution when she reported that that Lee has lost the support of some of the GOP fundraising community. She noted that former Romney campaign finance chair Spencer Zwick is prepared to “work against” Lee.

“I’ve got some insider Utah politics for you,” Huntsman continued. “I hear Mitt Romney’s son, Josh Romney, has been looking for an opening to run for office in Utah. Challenging the not-so-popular Lee actually sounds like the perfect opportunity.”

She adds that Utah’s moderate 4th district Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson (the only member of the congressional delegation from the state with a “D” after his name) can also potentially challenge Lee… Presumably, she is now referring to a statewide general election and not a Republican primary. But, who knows?

“Utahns have gotten less than they bargained for with Senator Mike Lee,” she concludes. “He wasn’t the consensus choice. He was just a creature of the conservative movement.”

Here’s the video: