Nearly 1/4 of Americans Say they Would Not Vote for Trump or Clinton

Trump and ClintonAccording to a new Rassmussen poll, 24% of Americans said they would either stay home or vote for a third-party candidate if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the Republican and Democratic nominees.


The national survey finds Clinton and Trump tied with 38% support. However, 16% said they would vote for another candidate and 6% would stay home.

The results are in line with a recent survey showing Trump and Clinton in a statistical tie in Utah at 38% each. About a quarter would be undecided.

Another survey finds Trump at the top of the GOP ticket would prompt 31% of Utahns to vote for the Democrat in the race. 29% would vote for a third-party candidate, while just 28% say they would vote for Trump. 6% said they wouldn’t vote.

From Rasmussen:

Trump is more toxic within his own party than Clinton is in hers. If Trump is the Republican nominee, 16% of GOP voters say they would choose a third-party candidate, while five percent (5%) would stay home. Sixty-six percent (66%) would vote for Trump, but 10% would vote for Clinton instead.


If Clinton is the Democratic nominee, 11% of Democrats would vote third-party, while three percent (3%) would stay home. Seventy-five percent (75%) would support the nominee, but 11% say they would vote for Trump.


Among voters not affiliated with either major party, nearly one-third say they would opt out: 21% would choose a candidate other than Trump or Clinton, and 10% would stay home. Trump leads Clinton 38% to 27% among unaffiliated voters.