Press Release: Herbert for Governor Campaign Releases First TV spots

Gov. Gary Herbert has unveiled the first television spots for his re-election campaign.

“Under the leadership of Gov. Herbert, Utah has one of the strongest economies in the nation, creating 219,000 new jobs and cutting unemployment to 3.4 percent,” said campaign manager, Marty Carpenter. “Today, Utah’s strong job growth, low tax burden and commitment to fiscal prudence have positioned our state for long-term prosperity.”

The campaign has released two spots, both focusing primarily on Gov. Herbert’s strong economic record. One version emphasizes job creation, the other emphasizes the governor’s consistent record of keeping taxes low and sound fiscal management.  

You can watch the ads here.

The governor inherited an economy in deep recession with an unemployment rate of 8.4 percent. He set the goal to make Utah’s economy the strongest in the nation. Today, Utahns are back to work, businesses are creating jobs and the state posted the top performing economy in the nation nine of 12 months in 2015.

The campaign ads begin airing today across Utah broadcast and cable stations.