Clinton, Trump Most Disliked Candidates in the Last Ten Presidential Elections

Trump ClintonFor many Americans, the November election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will literally be the lesser of two evils.


FiveThirtyEight breaks down the polling numbers and finds both candidates are the most disliked in the last 40 years. In fact, the “strongly unfavorable” ratings for the two are historically bad. Harry Enten explains:

Clinton’s average “strongly unfavorable” rating in probability sample polls from late March to late April, 37 percent, is about 5 percentage points higher than the previous high between 1980 and 2012. Trump, though, is on another planet. Trump’s average “strongly unfavorable” rating, 53 percent, is 20 percentage points higher than every candidate’s rating besides Clinton’s. Trump is less disliked than David Duke was when Duke ran for the presidency in 1992, but Duke never came close to winning the nomination. In fact, I’ve seen never anything like Trump’s numbers heading into a general election for someone who is supposed to be competitive.


Here’s a chart showing the historically low ratings: