National Headlines 5-8-16

Why Middle Eastern Leaders Are Talking to Putin, Not Obama (Politico)

McCain: GOP would be ‘foolish’ to ignore voters (The Hill)

For Clinton, beating Trump isn’t a slam dunk (CNN)

The year of the hated: Clinton and Trump, two intensely disliked candidates, begin their face-off (Washington Post)

Trump invokes Clinton impeachment in latest attack (CNN)

President Obama Says ‘Beyoncé Runs the World’ in Howard University Commencement Speech (People)

Donald Trump: I might raise taxes on the rich (Washington Times)

Alabama’s top judge is suspended, and may lose job, after blocking gay marriage (Washington Post)

Reversal unlikely as deadline approaches on N Carolina law (Associated Press)

Trump v Clinton on foreign policy (BBC News)

As Trump and Clinton face off, Main Street is looking for details (CNBC)