National Headlines 11-3-13

Romney: Obama’s broken healthcare promise ‘rotting away’ second term (The Hill)

Iraq comes back to haunt Obama (The Hill)

Lawmakers debate gun control after Los Angeles airport shooting (New York Daily News)

Hillary Clinton flattered by Schumer endorsement, but no decision on 2016 (Reuters)

Romney praises Chris Christie’s 2016 chances and dismisses ‘potential land mines’ detailed in book (Star-Ledger)

Aide: Obama dislikes news leaks (USA Today)

Take offline until it is fixed, Feinstein and Rogers say (CBS News)

Obama heads to Virginia Sunday to stump with McAuliffe (Washington Post)

Rand Paul: Plagiarism allegations the work of ‘hacks and haters’ (Daily Caller)

Older Americans reject major Social Security changes, poll finds, but support raising tax cap (Associated Press)

U.S. Allows $500 Carry-Over in Health Flexible Spending Plans (Bloomberg)

Obama pitches the US to foreign investors (Associated Press)