Poll: Trump Tops Clinton and Sanders in Utah

Donald Trump 06Utahns aren’t feeling the Bern so much anymore as it looks like they’re starting to line up behind the presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

One month after a poll showing Bernie Sanders would beat Donald Trump head-to-head in Utah, Trump has opened a lead over Sanders. He also leads Hillary Clinton after that same poll showed him tied with the likely Democratic nominee.
Trump leads Sanders 43-37%, which is a significant reversal from April when Sanders led Trump 49-34%. 20% are undecided between the two.
In April, Trump was tied with Hillary Clinton at 38% apiece. Now, Trump leads Clinton 43-30% with 26% undecided.
This reversal for Trump seemingly lends some truth to the old saying about presidential candidates, “Democrats fall in love and Republicans fall in line.” Utahns are falling in line behind Trump.

Trump’s support is rising pretty much across the board from our survey last month.
  • In April, 54% of Utah Republicans said they would pick Trump over Clinton. This month 60% of Republicans said they would pick the business mogul.
  • Trump led Sanders among Republicans 49-26% in April. That margin has now increased for Trump 61-18%.
  • In April, independent voters favored Clinton over Trump 51-23%. Clinton still leads among independents, but the margin has narrowed to a 42-33% gap. 
  • Last month independents were on board with Sanders 64-22%. Sanders still has a lead with this group, but Sanders’ lead is now only 48-32%.
Not surprisingly, Democrats are still not warming to Trump in the White House. In April, Clinton led Trump among Democrats 87-6%, and Sanders was ahead of Trump 96-4%. Those numbers haven’t moved at all, except support for Sanders among Democrats has dropped about 10% in the last month. That’s probably because Sanders’ bid for the Democratic nomination is becoming more and more of a longshot.
Utah Democrats were hoping Trump’s candidacy would be toxic enough to voters that it would translate to victory in some down ballot races. That seems unlikely now that Trump’s support is starting to rise. In fact, any fever dreams that either Clinton or Sanders could turn Utah “blue” in November because of Trump’s unpopularity is hitting the wall of reality. Seemingly, the prospect of voting for a Democrat instead of Trump is becoming a bridge too far for Utahns.
The results are a complete reversal from the March caucus meetings where Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders romped. Cruz dropped out leaving Trump as the last man standing while the enthusiasm for Sanders in the Beehive State is fizzling.
Even though Utah is beginning to warm to Trump, Utahns say Clinton has the best chance of winning in November. 40% of Utahns think Hillary Clinton will win the presidential race. 28% said Donald Trump while 4% think Bernie Sanders will win. 23% were undecided. However, those results broke predictably along partisan lines.
  • 40% of Republicans in Utah say Trump has the best chance of winning the White House while 27% pick Clinton.
  • 70% of Democrats say Clinton is the frontrunner to win in November. 10% selected Sanders, and 9% said Trump.
  • 46% of independent voters thought Clinton was the best bet to win in November. 21% said Trump and 6% said Sanders.
The Dan Jones & Associates survey was conducted May 2-10 among 588 Utah voters with a margin of error +/- 4.04%.