Trump Turns to Leavitt for Advice on Transition

Former Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt, head of Mitt Romney’s presidential transition team in 2012, is in close talks with the Donald Trump campaign as it begins planning for actual governing should Trump win in November.

Reports The Washington Post:

Leavitt, who served the administration of George W. Bush as Health and Human Services secretary and chief of the Environmental Protection Agency, hired about 400 people to manage a potential Romney transition. The team devised a plan for how to enact the first 200 days of the candidate’s agenda. After Romney lost to President Obama, Leavitt wrote a book about his experience.


The Romney operation was known for its discipline and planning, which have not been hallmarks of Trump’s freewheeling campaign.


The Romney operation “seemed to be a model that worked very well,” Lewandowski said.


Leavitt, who endorsed Ohio Gov. John Kasich, says his priority now is to pass on what he learned to the Trump team.


“My job was to prepare a government,” he said. “I took it seriously, and I think they should. Donald Trump especially should. He needs to have help because he’s not been in government before.”