Lee: Rein In Regulatory State

In an op-ed, Sen. Mike Lee unveils new legislation that would require Congress to vote on the total regulatory burden each federal agency may impose on the American people each year.

Writes Lee at The Daily Signal:

Under the discipline of a regulatory budget, Congress would be directly responsible for the size and scope of the regulatory state. Executive agencies could still issue and enforce their rules, but only so long as their impact fits within the regulatory-cost limits established by Congress.


This would give regulatory agencies—really for the first time—an incentive to make their regulations cost-effective. They would be made to work for the American people instead of the other way around. And the American people, for their part, would be empowered to make informed judgments at the ballot box about economic regulations.


This is what the Founders had in mind when they wrote Article I of the Constitution in the first place: A lawmaking system accountable to—and therefore legitimate in the eyes of—the people.