Rep. Mia Love Joins Push for Congress to Regain the ‘Power of the Purse’

Rep. Mia Love joined Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) and others in introducing bicameral legislation to improve accountability and fiscal responsibility at the federal level.

The bill, the Article I Regulatory Budget Act, would require Congress to vote on a regulatory budget for each federal agency. This would make Congress responsible for the size and scope of the regulatory state, ensuring both Members of Congress and regulators are more accountable.

The bill comes at a time when more than 95% of federal “laws” are written and enforced by federal bureaucrats.

Congresswoman Love explained, “Every day, my constituents tell me how rules and regulations affect them. For too many Utahns, the effects are harmful. And what bothers me is that too frequently I am unable to hold unelected bureaucrats accountable. This is wrong, and it has to change.”

This Congress, just over 150 bills have been signed by the President into law. Meanwhile, well over 3,000 rules and regulations have been finalized. The estimated cost of these regulations is around $2 trillion each year, with some placing that number as high as $4 trillion.

“While some regulation is healthy, our current regulatory state prevents both innovation and human flourishing. And if left unchecked, it threatens to supplant our representative Republic with an unelected technocracy,” Rep. Love said.

She added, “I applaud my colleagues Rep. Walker and Sen. Lee for their leadership on this issue and am proud to stand with them to help Congress exercise the power of the purse, and to protect Americans from being crushed by burdensome rules and tied up by red tape.”