Could Military VP Pick Turn The Tables For Trump?

JaredWhitleySo as if the universe wanted to reach through the Internet and punch me in the face, after I wrote last week that Republicans had stopped pushing back on the unelectable Trump because he appeared more electable, a Reuters/Ipsos poll announced that Hillary Clinton had an 11 point lead over him.

Now that’s encouraging for the Clinton camp, but it’s still hardly an endorsement … remember that 60 percent of registered voters say they don’t like either candidate. Given the high unfavorables and the unpredictable demographic swings, this race is still as wide open as a Kentucky Derby where the horses all have jetpacks.

AND given that, it might be a race where the vice presidential pick plays a bigger role than it normally does.

Since Trump has already locked down the GOP nomination, he’ll probably name a running mate first. (Clinton might still be fighting Sen. Bernie Sanders off at the convention.) So forgive the indulgence of some a suggestion.

There are a couple of big concerns with Trump that a VP pick could resolve. One is that he’s offended a lot of women (Bloomberg said a whopping 70 percent of married women dislike Trump), and another is that he might be a bit unpredictable on the military front. Solution? Pick a female general as vice president.

Now there are not a lot to choose from, granted. This is one of the (perhaps) unintended consequences of not sending women into combat roles, while simultaneously making combat service a pre-requisite for promotion. However, the Navy and the Air Force – which doesn’t have the boots on the ground role of the Army or the Marines – has several options.

There are choices from other branches, like retired Marine Lt. Gen Frances Wilson, but if I were on Trump’s search committee, I would start with the Air Force and the Navy.

No idea if any of these women would necessarily want to serve as Trump’s VP, but maybe he can get as good at saying “You’re hired!” as he was at saying “You’re fired!”