Trump’s Advisors Terrified He Will Announce Veep Pick on Twitter

Donald Trump 08Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is an avid Twitter user, often late at night. However, campaign advisors are worried he will suddenly announce his running mate on Twitter with little warning.


Tucked away in a story about Trump’s campaign fundraising, Bloomberg offered up the Twitter fears as part of a discussion about his choice for vice president.

“I’d like to save it, give it the old-fashioned way, right?” Trump said about keeping the announcement until the convention.


Trump said he’ll probably choose one of four or five politicians, and that his short list includes some vanquished rivals who have dropped out of the 2016 presidential race. He is considering at least one ex-rival who has so far refused to endorse him, but who will “come over to my side,” he predicted.


Trump refused to name names, but former rivals who have been floated as potential running mates include Ohio Governor John Kasich, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.


Two veep finalists are respected military officials, but he said he’s less likely to end up choosing one of them “because of the fact that I think I’m going to do very well on national security.”