Hatch to Flex Muscles on Immigration Reform, Again

Sen. Orrin Hatch once again finds himself in a position to make or break the Gang of Eight’s immigration overhaul effort, this time over the issue of whether undocumented workers should be forced to pay back-taxes.

Reports Politico:

Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah — considered an invaluable immigration ally because he could swing teetering conservatives to vote in favor of the bill — has threatened to vote against the legislation if the gang doesn’t satisfy a number of his concerns, one being the back tax provision.

“They ought to pay their taxes,” the top Republican tax writer on the Senate Finance Committee told POLITICO. “If they don’t put amendments like that in there, this thing doesn’t have a chance.”

Hatch will offer an amendment on the Senate floor to require immigrants to show they have paid income and employment taxes over the years, placing the burden of proof on the applicant rather than the IRS, where it currently lies.

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