National Headlines 11-6-13

Dems grill Sebelius on O-Care (The Hill)

Sebelius: ObamaCare enrollment numbers will be ‘quite low’ (The Hill)

Republicans, Democrats claim different kinds of victories (McClatchy)

De Blasio Takes His First Steps to Reshape New York (New York Times)

Duggan seeks to carve out role as Detroit’s next mayor (Detroit News)

Felons could have been hired as ObamaCare ‘navigators,’ Sebelius tells Senate panel (Fox News)

Supreme Court hears case on N.Y. town’s practice of opening meetings with a prayer (Washington Post)

Houston voters reject a plan to save Astrodome (USA Today)

Marijuana ‘s tax potential attracting new allies (Associated Press)

Husband vs. wife in Maine election: Who won? (Christian Science Monitor)

$15 hour minimum wage surges to early election lead in SeaTac, WA (KVI-Radio)

Insurers urged to extend policies past year’s end (MSN Money)