Will Utah Ever Reverse its Ban on Gay Marriage?

By Bryan Schott
Last week the Supreme Court struck down the federal Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional and ruled on California’s Prop. 8. We asked our readers and insiders whether Utah will ever reverse its Constitutional ban on gay marriage.

Selected anonymous comments:

Only when forced by the courts bowing to outside societal pressures.

It will slowly creak open the proverbial door that has been slammed shut and bolted for so long…how long? That depends on the fight!??

After Proposition 8 passed in California, opponents of the law immediately started threatening lawsuits against the LDS Church and boycotted businesses who employed members of the LDS Church who had contributed money in support of the initiative, some of whom lost their jobs. Many who demand constitutional protection of gay marriage have demonstrated they have little concern for constitutional protections of religious freedom and practice. I suspect many in Utah would welcome provisions for civil unions, but the intolerance of some in the ‘marriage equality’ movement for religious beliefs that don’t accept same-sex marriage have likely doomed any prospect for a middle ground here.

There are two things I will never hold my breath for in Utah: the approval of same-sex marriage and women gaining the LDS priesthood. But if one of these things did happen, I’m sure it would be same-sex marriage.

It’ll take a lawsuit, alright. The Utah legislature will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Once Utah’s younger population begins to become the lawmakers, a lot will change. But it’s got to cycle through even the current 30-something generation. Kids who are in high school today have a very different opinion of gay people. But they will need to lead the way, their parents are not going to do it.

Once 47 East South Temple sees the rising tide, it will happen.

I think gay marriage will become legal across the country and Utah will follow. Utahns actually believe in marriage and married raising children in a stable home.

Eventually, same-sex marriage will be legal across all 50 states. Utah will hardly lead the way but they’ll come along eventually, no doubt with the “help” of judicial rulings.

When I watched Gayle Ruzikia’s head explode, and listened to her gritted teeth mantra of “we still have DOMA in Utah”, I realized that until she and her flying monkeys die off, we will have to fight hard in court to win equality in Utah.

Someday, a decade or more from now, a federal lawsuit will compel Utah to stop discriminating. But it will be a while before a national right to marriage equality is recognized and we move past the federalist idea of allowing states to deny rights to some of our citizens. Of course, many will see it as a sign of the impending apocalypse (they do already), but over time they will finally shrug it off as progress and feel embarrassed that they felt this way about their gay brothers and sisters.

The Supreme Court set up future arguments that will assist in the erosion of the traditional marriage arguments down the road.

The constitutional requirement of full faith and credit will eventually force it. Gays will marry in other states and then move to Utah. When Utah refuses to honor the marriage, a lawsuit will make the constitution relevant.

This will be a top down change, federally mandated, like Multi-Ethnic Marital rights.

If Utah were to allow same-sex marriage, it would also likely be forced to recognize polygamous and every other type of marriage. That will not happen voluntarily, and some who are currently supporting same-sex marriage will be found to be speaking out of both sides of their mouths, arguing against polygamist marriages.

The only way this thing will end is in the courts and that will be long down the road. The lawmakers are too conservative and the gay lobby is just terrible at their jobs.

For the majority of Utahns defending traditional marriage transcends politics.

SCOTUS is a clear and present danger to our long term future as a society.

Yes, get the State out of the marriage business.

I think the Supreme Court will beat us to it in a few more years when a future case is brought to them and there are one or two more liberal judges. These decisions were important but were punts.

I think it will eventually turn in Utah, but it will take a generation (25-30 years).

Eventually, SCOTUS rules ALL gay marriage bans unconstitutional.

Respondents include – 

Fred Adams, Stuart Adams, Jess Agraz, Scott Anderson, Laura Arellano, Patrice Arent, Bette Arial, Neil Ashdown, Bruce Baird, Heather Barney, Steve Barth, Jeff Bell, Tom Berggren, Mike Bertelsen, Ron Bigelow, Emily Bingham-Hollingshead, Rob Bishop, Laura Black, Nanci Bockelie, Charles Bradley, Jim Bradley, Ralph Brown, Chris Bleak, Curt Bramble, Joel Briscoe, Ralph Brown, Aaron Browning, Ken Bullock, Ric Cantrell, Maura Carabello, Marty Carpenter, Rebecca Chavez-Houck, Kay Christensen, David Clark, Kim Coleman, Peter Corroon, Tim Cosgrove, Fred Cox, Lew Cramer, Gene Davis, Richard Davis, Brad Daw, Alan Dayton, Margaret Dayton, Mike Deaver, Brad, Dee, Joseph Demma, Jake Dennis, Dan Deuel, Jeff Dixon, Brian Doughty, Carl Downing, Randy Dryer, Susan Duckworth, Donald Dunn, Alan Eastman, Becky Edwards, Scott Ericson, Chase Everton, Jessica Fawson, Janice Fisher, Wendy Fisher, Lorie Fowlke, Ronald Fox, Claire Francis, Ryan Frandsen, Adam Gardiner, Jordan Garn, Ernie Gamonal, Luke Garrott, Dave Gessel, Sheryl Ginsberg, Natalie Gochnour, Robert Grow, Karen Hale, David Hansen, Neil Hansen, Joe Hatch, Jeff Hartley, Dan Hauser, Lynn Hemmingway, Deidre Henderson, Neal Hendrickson, Casey Hill, Lyle Hillyard, Kory Holdaway, Randy Horiuchi, Ben Horsley, Bruce Hough, Scott Howell, Greg Hughes, Miriam Hyde, Allison Isom, Casey Jackson, Eric Jergensen, Mike Jerman, Jonathan Johnson, Michael Jolley, Gordon Jones, Leslie Jones, Pat Jones, Kirk Jowers, Jeremy Keele, Brian King, Scott Konopasek, Steve Kroes, Chris Kyler, Carter Livingston, Fred Lampropoulos, Clark Larsen, Douglas Larson, David Litvack, Larry Lunt, Matt Lyon, Ben McAdams, Daniel McCay, Gayle McKeachnie, JT Martin, Maryann Martindale, Jason Mathis, Bob Mayhew, Karen Mayne, Bret Milburn, Derek Miller, Rob Miller, Ethan Millard, Brett Millburn, Karen Morgan, Jeffery Morton, Mike Mower, Holly Mullen, Wayne Niederhauser, Mike Noel, Randy O’Hara, Ralph Okerlund, James Olsen, Val Oveson, Kelly Patterson, John Pearce, Helen Peters, Karen Peterson, Frank Pignanelli, Becky Pirente, Marie Poulson, Jason Powers, Tami Pyfer, Joe Pyrah, Mike Reberg, Jill Remington Love, Lauren Richards, Holly Richardson, Robin Riggs, James Roberts, Luz Robles, Ross Romero, Carol Sapp, Don Savage, Bryan Schott, Shauna Scott-Bellaccomo, Jay Seegmiller, Jennifer Seelig, Patrick Shea, Randy Shumway, Soren Simonsen, Jeremy Slaughter, Brendan Smith, Brian Somers, Carol Spackman-Moss, Robert Spendlove, Barbara Stallone, Howard Stephenson, David Stringfellow, Mike Styler, Shinika Sykes, Juliette Tennert, Gary Thorup, Kevin Van Tassell, Royce Van Tassel, Doug Thompson, Michael Waddoups, Laura Warburton, Chuck Warren, Christine Watkins, LaVarr Webb, Todd Weiler, Alan West, Mark Wheatley, Larry Wiley, Ted Wilson, Carl Wimmer, Mike Winder, Travis Wood, Thomas Wright, Crystal Young-Otterstrom

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