Poll: Utahns Say Trump Lacks Temperament to be President

Donald Trump 08More than 2/3rds of Utahns say Donald Trump does not have the “proper temperament” to be president of the United States.

 A new UtahPolicy.com survey from Dan Jones & Associates finds 69% of our respondents think Trump is too volatile of a personality to hold the White House. That includes 48% who say he “definitely” does not have the proper temperament for the job.

There’s no end to the number of times Trump has caused a firestorm during his year-long bid for the White House because of something he has said or posted on social media. Most recently he outraged both Republicans and Democrats with his tone-deaf response to the Orlando nightclub massacre. He also has called for more racial profiling of Muslims in the wake of the shooting. 
That uneasiness with Trump’s personality partially explains why he only has a nine-point lead over Clinton in Utah, which is usually rock-solid Republican.
Utahn’s also question whether Trump has the qualifications to be Commander in Chief. 42% of Utahns say Hillary Clinton is more qualified to be president, while 34% said Trump was more qualified. Trying to quantify qualifications in a political campaign is often a tricky process. Trump has never held or even ran for elective office before, while Clinton has served as a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State. However, When Barack Obama defeated Sen. John McCain he had much less experience than the veteran Republican.

We also asked Utahns who they thought would win the presidency in 2016. 43% of Utahns said they thought Clinton would win, and 31% said Trump. That’s despite Utahns overall favoring Trump over Clinton 36-27%. Utah Republicans are the only political group that thinks Trump will win in November.
  • 47% of Republican voters in our poll say Trump will win, while 25% of Republicans say Clinton will win.
  • 46% of independents say Clinton will be victorious in the fall while just 26% pick Trump.
  • 84% of Democrats pick Clinton to win in November, while just 4% say Trump.

According to the polling, Trump has a big problem connecting with women in Utah.
  • 51% of women in Utah think Clinton is more qualified to be president than Trump, while just 26% think Trump is more qualified. 43% of men in Utah say Trump is more qualified.
  • 77% of women say Trump does not have the temperament to be president, including 54% who say he “definitely” doesn’t. 60% of men in Utah say he lacks the temperament to be president.
  • 46% of women say Hillary Clinton is most likely to be elected president next year. Just 25% of women say Trump will win. 
  • A previous survey found 34% of Utah women would vote for Clinton while 29% would cast a ballot for Trump. 43% of men would vote for Trump while just 20% of males pick Clinton.
Trump’s problem with independent voters also are laid bare in these polling numbers:
  • Only 29% of independents say Trump is more qualified to be president while 45% say Clinton is the best person for the job.
  • 67% of independents say Trump does not have the proper temperament for the position, including 50% who say “definitely not.” 
The Dan Jones & Associates survey was conducted among 614 registered Utah voters from June 8-17, 2016 with a margin of error +/- 3.95%.