Herbert Discusses Immigration, SB54, Donald Trump (Audio)

Gary Herbert 05Governor Gary Herbert says the issue of SB54, or Count My Vote, is virtually a non-issue on the campaign trail.

“It virtually never comes up,” says Herbert. 
That makes some sense as a UtahPolicy.com survey finds most likely Republican voters really don’t care how a candidate gets on the primary ballot, whether it be through the delegate/convention system or signature gathering. 
The poll also found that these same are nonplussed by challenger Jonathan Johnson’s vow to repeal SB54 if he’s elected.
“I know my opponent is trying to use it as a wedge issue. That’s part of his approach to campaigning, to find wedge issues to divide,” says Herbert. 
Herbert stressed in a Thursday afternoon interview that many opponents of SB54 forget the compromise is what saved the ability of delegates to choose who gets on the ballot. 
“People need to remember that this was designed to protect the caucus and convention system. Republicans are now using this as a wedge issue against other Republicans. That’s unfortunate. That’s why I had wished I had vetoed the original bill, just because it’s become such a divisive issue with Republicans.”

Herbert also commented on Thursday’s Supreme Court decision to let a lower court’s ruling stand that President Obama’s executive order on immigration was overstepping his power as president. The high court tied 4-4, which left the lower court’s decision in place.
“I actually think it’s the appropriate decision. I’m disappointed it’s 4-4. I think it should be 8-0.”
Herbert also talked about the need for immigration reform and how voters are talking about Donald Trump on the campaign trail.