Source: Love Not Being Vetted as Trump’s Running Mate

Mia Love 05Last week, a former campaign advisor for Donald Trump said Rep. Mia Love was under consideration as Trump’s running mate. While that may be fun to speculate about, sources close to Love’s campaign tell that Love is not being vetted as Trump’s running mate.

Michael Caputo floated Love’s name along with Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton as sleeper VP picks for Trump.
“The two people I think you should look at — and these are unorthodox. First is Mia Love, the congresswoman, somebody who is an African-American leader with really bright ideas and an ability to communicate,” Caputo said.
“Is there a relationship there?” Kilmeade asked.
“There is. People are looking at her. There is an incredible opportunity for the Republican Party,” Caputo replied.
Caputo resigned from the Trump campaign after celebrating the firing of former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on social media.
Our source told us that Love does not have a relationship with Trump, and there has been no official contact with Trump’s campaign.
Love also announced last week that she was giving up her slot as a delegate to the Republican National Convention. The timing of Love’s announcement that she was not going to Cleveland, coupled with the rise in speculation that she might be Trump’s running mate, might lead a cynical person to surmise the two may be connected. Not so, according to our well-placed source.
“There is absolutely no connection between or giving up the delegate position and the (vice presidential) rumors,” we were told in no uncertain terms.
Love is currently locked in a tough re-election battle against Democrat Doug Owens. A Salt Lake Tribune poll from early May found Owens with a six-point lead over Love.