Hatch Blames Lee and Cruz for GOP Loss in Virginia (Video)

Oh, this could get fun. Sen. Orrin Hatch says Republican Ken Cuccinelli would have won the Virginia gubernatorial race if “a couple of Senators hadn’t shut down the government.” I’m pretty sure we all know who he means.

Hatch went on Fox News and blamed Cuccinelli’s loss on the government shutdown, while clearly laying responsibility at the feet of Sens. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz.

From National Review:

“Cuccinelli would have won if a couple of senators hadn’t shut down the government,” Hatched told Fox News on Thursday morning. If the Virginia race had been able to focus in on the botched Obamacare rollout rather than the shutdown, Cuccinelli would have pulled it out, he said.

Hatch also went after the “dog” of a law that is Obamacare, saying that yesterday’s Senate Finance Committee hearing with Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius left him believing even more than he had before that a delay is needed. “I think they’re stupid not to get a delay,” he said.

Here’s the video: