Lee Rips Critics of Brexit

Sen. Mike Lee says British voters were right to reject the “large, distant, centralized power” of the EU, and warns that ordinary Americans are increasingly facing the same predicament vis-a-vis Washington.

Reports The Washington Free Beacon:

Sen. Mike Lee (R., Utah) and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough ripped the vociferous American critics of the “Brexit” decision to leave the European Union on Tuesday, saying they were hypocrites.


Scarborough noted in the midst of his interview on Morning Joe that Lee was one of the few public American supporters of the vote to leave the EU.


“What they’ve experienced in the past few years that convinced them to make this change last week was the fact that they were subject to a large, distant, centralized power,” Lee said. “A centralized power that was becoming increasingly intrusive and increasingly bureaucratic. Bureaucratic in the sense that there were laws that were foisted upon the people that were developed by unelected, unaccountable, distant bureaucrats.”


Scarborough agreed, saying the situation with the EU had “just kept getting worse.” He painted a comparison with what he said the U.S. had done in the past to Israel, forcing them into deals “that we would never take in a billion years.”


“But presidents force Israel into deals because they want to win a Nobel Prize for peace,” Scarborough said. “We would no more subject ourselves to distant regulations from Brussels then we would turn Texas over to Mexico City. I mean, isn’t it outrageous how hypocritical Americans are judging the British for doing what we would have never allowed ourselves to get into in the first place?”


“Absolutely,” Lee said.