Friday Favorites: Tweets of the week

In the spirit of pumpkin spice season, I got a kick out of this tweet:

As a social scientist and academic myself, I quite enjoyed these stories this week. Definitely food for thought.

Wow! Did you know the moon could look so many ways?

She might not have been the most famous person to die this week, but Dr. Gwendolyn Hall deserves recognition: she rescued the identities of more than 107,000 enslaved people – and she did it after she retired from teaching at Rutgers. Can you even imagine??

This made me happy. I can see Timp from my house, and the white was a welcome sight, even if it was hail not snow.

These Polish socks made me laugh. (If you read Russian, pardon the language.)

So excited! My pandemic baking consisted of recipes from #GBBO, including a Victoria sponge – yum!