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Situational Analysis - February 4, 2021

Welcome to Thursday! Today is Rosa Parks Day (and her birthday), National Homemade Soup Day and World Cancer Day.  Yesterday, we learned that 7,600 active Utah Republican voters have left the party since the U.S. Capitol attack while former President Trump has support for his list of Republicans who should be "punished." Which way will the party go?

If you only have time for one thing today: Nicholas Kristof pens a piece titled "We are a nation of child abusers" - that's an attention-grabber. He starts with this: "Imagine you have some neighbors in a mansion down the road who pamper one child with a credit card, the best private school and a Tesla. The parents treat most of their other kids decently but not lavishly - and then you discover that the family consigns one child to an unheated, vermin-infested room in the basement, denying her dental care and often leaving her without food. You'd call 911 to report child abuse. You'd say those responsible should be locked up. You'd steam about how vile adults must be to allow a child to suffer like that. But that's us. That household, writ large, is America and our moral stain of child poverty." The United States has one of the highest rates of child poverty in the developed world. Some 12 million kids don't have enough food. In Utah, 1 in 5 children experience food insecurity. President Biden wants to change that. "The American Rescue Plan is the most ambitious proposal to reduce child poverty ever proposed by an American president," said Jason Furman, a Harvard economist. Worth the read. 


29 days to the end of the 2021 Utah Legislature (3/5/21)
69 days until the end of the Cox/Henderson administration's first 100 days (04/14/2021)
85 days until the Biden/Harris administration's first 100 days are up (04/30/2021)

Today At Utah Policy

images/Resized_Article_Images/Rosa_Parks_Day.pngRosa Parks, sexual violence in Uighur "camps" and Blake Moore de-escalates after being called spineless
By Holly Richardson
 White-washing history - Rosa Parks did not give up her seat on the bus because she was "too tired" to move to the back. She was tired of giving in. Her activism did not start on a bus in 1955. It started in the 1940's when she wanted to register to vote. "Parks went to her first Montgomery NAACP meeting in December 1943, where she was elected secretary of the chapter. Back then, only 31 out of several thousand of the city's Black residents were registered to vote."
images/Resized_Article_Images/Impeachment.pngExplainer: How impeachment works in Utah
By Holly Richardson
 It's not just D.C. that's talking about impeachment. After a pattern of concerning behavior, the State School Board has been asked via petition to remove one of its members. It can't. There are only three ways a School Board member can be removed: impeachment, resignation or replaced at the next election. (There is no provision for censure, either, although the Board can remove a member from their committee assignments.)
images/Resized_Logos/Tweet.pngTweets of the day
By Holly Richardson
Today's tweet round-up includes some COVID-19 news, the "Negro Motorist Green Book," adding new members to POST, National Girls and Women in Sports Day, National Women Physicians Day, the Tokyo Olympics chief who thinks women talk to much, and more.

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COVID Corner

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Policy News

images/Logos/SL-Chamber-Logo.pngSalt Lake Chamber surveys business owners to facilitate vaccination efforts
The Salt Lake Chamber's Roadmap to Recovery Coalition, in partnership with Chamber's Foundation - Utah Community Builders, has developed resources for employers seeking to understand the complexities of vaccine policy and business strategy. Part of this effort is a survey to gauge operational willingness and readiness of the business community to support a large-scale vaccine rollout.  
images/Resized_Logos/DICKS_logo.jpgDICK'S Sporting Goods announces expansion of female-focused initiatives
In honor of National Girls and Women in Sports Day (today, Feb 3), DICK'S Sporting Goods announced it will expand its efforts in support of female athletes throughout 2021. The Company's 2021 efforts to champion women, while highlighting the importance youth sports play in the lives of girls will include:
images/Resized_Logos/Mike_Lee_logo.pngSen. Lee introduces parental rights bills
 Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) introduced the Parental Accessibility Rights for Emergency and Negligent Treatment (PARENT) Act and the Parental Right to Know Act Wednesday, a pair of bills designed to ensure that parents have access to the policies regarding the care and medical records of their children from hospitals and organizations that use taxpayer funding.
images/Resized_Logos/Mike_Lee_logo.pngSen. Lee introduces "Cancel the Coin Act" to eliminate debt limit loophole
Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) issued the following statement Wednesday after introducing the Cancel the Coin Act earlier this week. The bill would remove the Treasury Secretary's ability to mint coins of any value.
Webinar, Feb 10: Developing an effective COVID-19 vaccination policy
Mark your calendars! The Salt Lake Chamber's Roadmap to Recovery Coalition is sponsoring a webinar on Developing an Effective COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. Throughout the past year many businesses have focused on preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. Now that vaccines have been developed, employers are faced with new questions. Can employees be required to be vaccinated? And do businesses need a formal vaccine policy?

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On This Day In History

(From History.com)

  • 1789 - George Washington unanimously elected as the nation's first president
  • 1794 - France abolishes slavery. However, it was reinstated in 1802 under Napoleon.
  • 1826 - The Last of the Mohicans is published.
  • 1913 - Rosa Parks is born.
  • 1921 - Betty Friedan is born
  • 1938 - Walt Disney's first full-length feature film, Snow White, is released.
  • 1962 - First U.S. helicopter shot down in Vietnam.
  • 1974 - 19-year-old Patty Hearst is kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army.
  • 1983 - Karen Carpenter dies of heart failure brought on by anorexia.
  • 1986 - Sojourner Truth is on a US stamp.
  • 1996 - Republican J.C. Watts becomes the first Black Representative to respond to a State of the Union address.
  • 2004 - Facebook launches. Do you remember when you joined??

Wise Words

"People always say that I didn't give up my seat because I was tired, but that isn't true. I was not tired physically No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in."

~Rosa Parks

Lighter Side

Lighter Side

What did the snowman and his wife put over their baby's crib?
A snowmobile!

What do Snowmen call their offspring?


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