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Situational Analysis - March 23, 2021

Hello there Tuesday. Such sad news of a mass shooting in a Boulder, Colorado grocery store. Ten people are dead, including the first police officer on the scene. The suspect is in custody. 

At the rural bill signings at SUU yesterday, Governor Spencer Cox gave a little lesson on the proper use of titles. When he is not present, it is appropriate to call the second-in-command "Governor." (And not by her first name.) 

Since Tanner Ainge announced he was resigning as Utah County Commissioner, three candidate have announced they are running: Current Utah County Clerk/Auditor Amelia Powers Gardner, Highland Mayor Rod Mann and former commission candidate Christopher Forbush. Expect more to jump in before filing closes this week. 

If you only have time for one thing today: Check out this true labor of love: Telling the stories of Utah's fallen WWII veterans. All of them. Beginning in July 2020, 125 volunteers from Utah, and more than a dozen other states, took on the challenge of writing the stories of all 2,100 Utah WWII fallen. Six months later, all of these stories are accounted for. In the near future a smartphone app will allow anyone to visit the graves and memorials of these fallen, scan their names and read their stories. Here's a taste: Despite being relocated to an internment camp with his family, Fred Yamamoto still volunteered to serve his country and was posthumously awarded the Silver Star after fighting to rescue American troops cut off by the Germans. Marine Tyndale Llyod was a Salt Lake Tribune sports reporter before the war. As a Marine he earned the Bronze Star and fought at Kwajalein, Saipan, Tinian, and Iwo Jima where he died on the second day of the battle. 


22 days until the end of the Cox/Henderson administration's first 100 days (04/14/2021)
32 days until the United Utah Party Organizing Convention (04/24/2021)
38 days until the Biden/Harris administration's first 100 days are up (04/30/2021)
39 days until the Utah GOP Organizing Convention (05/01/2021)
172 days until half-way through the Cox/Henderson's administration's 500-day plan (09/11/2021)

Today At Utah Policy

images/Resized_Logos/Tweet.pngTweets of the day: Gabby Giffords weighs in on Boulder shooting, Romney weighs in on sanctions
By Holly Richardson
Another mass shooting, sanctions for China, a volcanic eruption and a million pounds of food.
images/Resized_Logos/Holly_R.pngRomney and carbon tax, Sidney Powell says no reasonable person should have believed her and Project Iceworm
By Holly Richardson
Romney and carbon tax - Senator Mitt Romney might not be ready to introduce a bill - or sign on to a current proposal - but he is seriously considering and reviewing the merits of a carbon tax that would return the revenue to taxpayers.
images/Resized_Mugshots/Scott_Howell.jpegGuest opinion: Vanita Gupta is being unfairly maligned and should be confirmed
By Scott Howell
Vanita Gupta, President Biden's nominee for Associate Attorney General, is a classic American success story. The daughter of Indian immigrants Mrs. Gupta obtained a B.A. magna cum laude from Yale University and then graduated at the top of her class from the New York University School of Law. Rather than pursuing a lucrative career in private practice Mrs. Gupta dedicated her life to serving others. In her work with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the ACLU Mrs. Gupta protected the rights of some of the most vulnerable in our society.

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Policy News

images/Resized_Logos/Mike_Lee_logo.pngSen. Lee reintroduces Protecting American Jobs Act
Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) today reintroduced the Protecting American Jobs Act, a bill that would strip the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) of its power to prosecute and adjudicate labor disputes.
images/Resized_Logos/Chris_Stewart_logo_white.pngRep. Stewart on the Fairness for All Act
Congressman Chris Stewart (R-UT) penned an op-ed in Roll Call on the Fairness for All Act."Americans are overwhelmingly in agreement that every person deserves their chance at the American Dream, regardless of their race, religion or sexuality. I recently reintroduced a bill that would move Congress - and America - toward greater unity and bipartisanship."
images/Resized_Logos/Chris_Stewart_logo_white.pngRep. Stewart's statement on the EU's coordinated sanctions on China
Today, the United States, Canada, Britain, and the European Union announced coordinated sanctions on China for its genocidal campaign against Uyghur Muslims. Congressman Chris Stewart (R-UT) released the following statement:
images/Resized_Logos/Utah_Taxpayers_logo.pngUtah Taxpayers Association asks US Treasury Secretary for formal guidance
The Utah Taxpayers Association and 16 other state taxpayer associations sent a letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on March 17 asking for guidelines to clarify provisions of the American Rescue Plan Act the federal COVID-relief law that includes a provision restricting tax reductions by states that accept relief funds.
images/mugs-300/Scott_Miller.pngSLCo GOP Chairman Scott Miller seeks to become Chair of the Utah GOP
After a tremendously successful 2020 election year, SLCo GOP Chairman Scott Miller is determined to apply his winning formula state-wide.  Chairman Miller stated, "Salt Lake County is the largest, most diverse County in the State of Utah.  Every candidate that worked directly with our County election team from start to finish won their respective race!" 

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On This Day In History

(From History.com)

  • 1775 - Patrick Henry gives an impassioned speech wherein he proclaims "Give me liberty or give me death!"
  • 1839 - "OK" enters the national vernacular. Boomer comes later.
  • 1857 - Elisha Otis installs the first public elevator in New York City
  • 1875 - The British survey ship, H.M.S. Challenger discovers the deepest known region of the Earth's oceans when it made its first sounding of the Mariana Trench.
  • 1882 - The Edmunds (Anti-Polygamy) Act is adopted by the US Senate and aimed squarely at the Utah Territory. 1300 men are later imprisoned under the act.
  • 1884 - Florence Ellinwood Allen is born in Salt Lake City. She became the first woman to serve on a state supreme court (Ohio) and later became the first woman to serve as a United States federal judge when FDR appointed her to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • 1981 - The US Supreme Court decides in Kirchberg v Feenstra that Louisiana's 'head and master' law stipulating that marital property was under the control of the husband was, in fact, unconstitutional. In 1981.
  • 1983 - 112 days after becoming the world's first recipient of a permanent artificial heart, Barney Clark dies at the University of Utah Medical Center. 
  • 2011 - Elizabeth Taylor dies at age 79

Wise Words

"I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"

~Patrick Henry

Lighter Side

Lighter Side

"Things got so out of hand that on Saturday, the city was forced to declare a state of emergency and an 8 p.m. curfew. And, surprise, it didn't work. Hot tip for Miami authorities: If you want young people to stop partying, don't instate a curfew, just invite a few dads." 


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