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Whether you’re a communications professional or corporate executive, effective media management is essential for success in today’s competitive world. In 2020, the Salt Lake Chamber will offer four workshops on Mastering Media Management to help individuals bring together innate talents, formal training and real-world experiences to master effective communications.

From managing press relations and on-camera interviews to building powerful social networks and paid marketing strategies, media opportunities and potential audiences have never been so large and diverse, the opportunities never so great, and the stakes never so high. The Salt Lake Chamber’s Professional Development Series on Mastering Media Management will help you:



All seminars will provide workbooks and practical exercises, including strategic communications planning, message development, on-camera training, interview management, public speaking and negotiating techniques. Attendees with receive a certificate of completion from the Salt Lake Chamber if they participate in all four workshops.



The ‘Mastering Media Management’ Series will be led by William Nixon, Chief Communications Officer of the Salt Lake Chamber and Chairman and Chief Executive of Policy Impact Communications, a Washington, DC-based public relations and government affairs firm with operations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. A former award-winning journalist and internationally published author, Bill served as a Reagan Administration speechwriter, U.S. Senate policy and communications director and member of the negotiating team of the North Atlantic Alliance — the parliamentary arm of NATO. Today, he and his team continue to orchestrate global communications strategies in the U.S. and abroad on behalf of Fortune 100 companies, governments, universities and industry associations.