Waterford.org announced that Board Chair Scott Anderson is stepping down as he transitions into his new role as Chair-Elect of the American Bankers Association.

“It has been an honor for me to have been associated with Waterford.org, which the TED Organization named one of eight Audacious Projects in 2019, calling it an idea that could change the world. Why? I believe that the most important element to a ‘more perfect union’ where all are equal is the ability to read. The Waterford Early Learning program helps our schools teach reading effectively. The Waterford Upstart program is a remarkable, unique program that helps parents, day care centers, and programs like Head Start give children a chance to learn reading skills prior to starting public schools. I applaud the State of Utah for funding this program for all preschool students in Utah. I am also pleased that states throughout the country are looking at this, piloting it, and moving forward with it,” said Scott Anderson, President and CEO of Zion’s Bank.

He continued, “I am sorry to leave the board. I will miss the association with the board members, who are dedicated to furthering Waterford’s mission. I will miss the association with the staff of Waterford, who are leading out so courageously. I thank especially Nancy and Dusty Heuston for their idea of using technology to give everyone equal access to a top education, and for their vision and their persistence in building Waterford.org,”

Since joining the Waterford.org board in 2016, Anderson has been an important part of the organization’s growth, overseeing the evolution of Waterford.org from a state and regional organization to a national leader. One particular area of focus during this time has been the expansion of the unique Waterford Upstart program, which has grown from helping children in 6 states to 26 states. The organization has grown as well, with Waterford.org nearly doubling its annual operating budget by winning local and federal grants, securing large philanthropic donations through TED’s Audacious Project and The Studio at Blue Meridian, and deepening and expanding state government funding.

“Scott has always had a passion for literacy, understanding inherently that it is the foundation for success first in school and then in life. His rare blend of business acumen and deep compassion have been invaluable as we have grown into a national non-profit. While his leadership at the helm will be missed, we look forward to continuing to work with him in an emeritus capacity and wish him all the best as he embarks on his next grand adventure,” said Dr. Benjamin Heuston, CEO of Waterford.org.

Waterford.org board member Allison Gushée Molkenthin will take over as board chair. Molkenthin, current Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee, comes into her new position with extensive experience, having advised a variety of tech-based companies on raising private equity and cross-border investments. Prior to her 30 years of experience in investment banking, Molkenthin graduated from Brown University with AB’s in both Mechanical Engineering and in Comparative Literature, and she holds an MBA from INSEAD in France.

“Scott has taken the vision of founder, Dusty Heuston, and amplified Waterford.org's impact through dedicated outreach, expanding the number of children supported through our programs. I am fortunate to have had the chance to work alongside Scott, who is a generous and collaborative leader. I am honored to be a part of the organization created and grown by these brilliant minds, and I look forward to working diligently to continue their important vision,” said Allison Gushée Molkenthin, Board Chair of Waterford.org.

Molkenthin is excited to take over during the organization’s growth phase, continuing to build upon great program innovations like the Waterford Mentor app and an ever-growing library of resources for teachers and parents. Stephanie J. Monroe will step up as Vice Chair of the board and James R. Hollbrook will continue in his role as Secretary.