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Editorial: We don't need any more laws to protect the powerful

Utah will seek to host the Olympics again, aiming for 2030, but would take 2026

Rocky Mountain Power helping to restore Utah tax breaks on solar panels, but is the utility just looking out for itself?

Utah investigated the polygamous Kingston Group for welfare fraud 2 years ago. It didn’t find any.

Rep. Jon Stanard resigns abruptly with little explanation

White House staff secretary, and former chief of staff to Sen. Orrin Hatch, Rob Porter resigns after allegations of spousal abuse

The Utah Department of Public Safety says violent crime is increasing, but that it’s losing officers to higher-paying jobs

Utah lawmakers pass ‘free-range kids’ bill to say that kids playing or walking to school alone don’t mean parents are neglectful

Could Utah’s sales tax on food vanish?

Parties — not voters — would select nominees in future special congressional elections, according to proposed bill

After courts started allowing gay couples to use surrogates, a Utah senator wants to repeal the law he once championed

Gehrke: The Legislature shouldn’t meddle with voters who have taken matters into their own hands

Deseret News

A. Scott Anderson: The health care transformation — changing to serve people better

Op-ed: In search of paid family leave built for America

Editorial: Ballot measures are useful, but should be used with caution

Audit would compare costs of death penalty cases

Bill offers help with workers' comp for first responders

Utah lawmakers pass bill legalizing 'free-range parenting'

Bill calls for report projecting future need for nurses in Utah

Bill removing state sales tax from food advances to Utah House

Utah lawmakers approve rooftop solar compromise bill

Medical cannabis bill that 'bridges the gap' between sides has good chance of passing, insider says

Utah school districts could use local property taxes for technology under bill

Bill regulating sale and labeling of CBD oil, allowing doctor recommendations, passes committee

GOP Rep. Jon Stanard unexpectedly resigns from Utah House

Small-business owners converge on Utah Capitol to visit with lawmakers

Lawmaker proposes delaying Utah's controversial DUI law to 2022


Ogden DACA recipients mull return to shadows as U.S. immigration debate sputters (Standard-Examiner)

Hill Air Force Base pumped $3.4B into economy last year (Standard-Examiner)