Salt Lake Tribune

The Salt Lake Tribune faces layoffs, cuts to print offerings

Free to roam: Utah’s first-of-its-kind ‘free-range parenting’ law takes effect

As felony trial looms, activists seek appeal in San Juan County gate-closing trial

Gehrke: Once again, we see ambition and politics drive decisions at the AG’s office; maybe it’s time for a change

Sen. Orrin Hatch apologizes for criticizing McCain over not wanting President Trump to attend his funeral

Hatch and Lee among Utah politicians lauding Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran deal. Mitt Romney backs it, too.

Would-be spy landed job at Utah agency that oversees state computer systems, says he used it to find and send documents to Russia

Sim Gill, the Salt Lake County district attorney, continues to back medical marijuana: ‘I’m in support of medical cannabis as an option for patients’

On first day to propose bills for next year’s Utah Legislature, House Democrats take aim at gun violence

Utah medical marijuana opponents allege initiative supporters broke the law by offering money to prevent signatures from being removed

Rolly: Nonprofit group looking to celebrate the history of Utah women lands itself in partisan hot water

Deseret News

Op-ed: Count My Vote compromise better represents voters

Editorial: Teachers need better pay, but is striking the best method?

Utahns in Congress applaud Iran nuclear deal withdrawal, say U.S. needs better accord

Hatch apologizes for saying 'it's ridiculous' for McCain to request Trump not attend his funeral

Salt Lake County's top prosecutor lends support to medical marijuana initiative

Despite uncertainty with inland port, Salt Lake City approves tax increment for Swiss rail firm project

Salt Lake Tribune announces expected layoffs, other changes


County increases sales tax to fund roads, public transit (Logan Herald Journal)