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This week on Utah's longest running political podcast, Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott explain the big stories from the last week in Utah politics.

  • The Utah legislature gets underway next week
  • Lawmakers are planning major changes to Medicaid expansion passed by voters because they say it will be too expensive. At the same time, they're talking about cutting taxes.
  • Social issues will be front and center during this year's session. A bill blocking judges from changing a transgender person's sex on their birth certificate is causing outrage, while two abortion bills have already surfaced.
  • We run down our latest poll results.
  • Mitt Romney says he doesn't see Republicans breaking with President Trump to end the government shutdown.
  • President Donald Trump folds like a cheap suit in his showdown with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over his State of the Union speech.
  • We discuss whether the House should open up impeachment proceedings against President Trump, or should they wait until special counsel Robert Mueller finishes his report.
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