17 days until the government runs out of funding...again.

The shutdown cost the economy $11 billion. The Congressional Budget Office says the economy will never recover about $3 billion of that loss. The CBO reported Monday that the shutdown would lead to slower economic growth - https://nyti.ms/2G88oKD

Senate Republicans may block Trump from another shutdown. The Senate GOP is not keen on another government shutdown next month, and they're already starting to look for alternatives if they can't pass a funding deal by Feb. 15 - https://politi.co/2GcMWE2

Mueller's investigation is close to being finished. Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said Monday he had been "fully briefed" on Mueller's probe into connections between the Trump campaign and Russia - https://wapo.st/2G9zrp0

State of the Union back on. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi invited Presiden Donald Trump to deliver his State of the Union address next week on February 5 - https://wapo.st/2G8BB83

Polls! Polls! Polls!

  • Danger brewing for President Donald Trump's re-election chances. A new poll shows 56% of Americans said they would "definitely not vote for him" in 2020. Meanwhile, the 2020 Democratic presidential race is wide open. 56% of Democrats did not name a favored candidate when asked who they would support next year. Former vice president Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris were the most popular choices - https://wapo.st/2G5loAG
  • 54% of Americans want President Trump and Republicans in Congress to abandon their efforts to build a wall on the southern border. 72% believe it's at least somewhat likely there will be another government shutdown within a month - http://bit.ly/2G8C0Y7

  • By a 2-1 margin, Americans oppose President Trump using an emergency declaration to build his wall on the U.S.-Mexico border - http://bit.ly/2G5ZDRa

  • 60% of Americans say Democrats in the House should use their subpoena power to obtain and release President Trump's tax returns - http://bit.ly/2G607H8

Howard Schultz flirts with an independent White House bid. The billionaire former chief executive of Starbucks says he will cross the country over the next three months before deciding on whether to mount an independent campaign for president - https://nyti.ms/2G8E0jl

  • President Trump tweeted on Monday that Schultz lacks the "guts" and smarts to run for president - https://wapo.st/2G7hpDz

  • Fellow billionaire and former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg said Schultz running as an independent is a horrible idea that will likely lead to President Trump's re-election - http://bit.ly/2G5Th4l

  • Advisers to Schultz say he could "bail out" the Democrats if they end up nominating someone in 2020 who is too far to the left - https://politi.co/2GcMuWm

  • Hecklers attacked Schultz at an event in New York Monday. One person yelled "Don't help elect Trump, you egotistical billionaire a**hole," before being escorted from the room - http://bit.ly/2G9x05O

The U.S. will borrow $1 trillion next year. That eye-popping number is needed to finance the nearly $16 trillion national debt - https://bloom.bg/2G9AS6S

Trump administration ratchets up pressure on Venezuela. The administration announced economic sanctions against the country to force President Nicolas Maduro from power. National security adviser John Bolton has suggested the U.S. could send 5,000 troops to neighboring Colombia - https://wapo.st/2G7fbEj

Deep freeze hitting the midwest. A burst of warmer than usual air in the Arctic is sending the polar vortex across the middle of the country this week, which will bring the coldest temperatures in more than a generation - https://cnn.it/2G5RpbP

Measles is making a comeback. Because of a growing anti-vaccination movement, a measles outbreak is hitting the Pacific Northwest and New York. Washington State declared a state of emergency after 36 cases were reported Monday - http://bit.ly/2G6doiQ

Yikes! A bug in the iPhone's FaceTime software lets other people listen in on your call even if they don't pick up a call. Apple says they will release a software fix later this week - https://cnn.it/2G5RXhT