15 days until the government runs out of funding.

Democrats offer zero for the border wall. In the first day of negotiations over a new funding agreement for the federal government, Democrats signal they are not going to budge on money for President Donald Trump's border wall - https://wapo.st/2G4uLl5

McConnell wants to prevent another shutdown. "Get this done," said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell during a meeting with Republican budget negotiators - https://politi.co/2FYMzhf

Russian hackers ran a disinformation campaign to discredit the Mueller investigation into Russia's attack on the 2016 election. Hackers sent altered files to American journalists claiming to have hacked into Mueller's servers, but the journalists did not fall for the ruse - https://nbcnews.to/2G4sTJ5

President Donald Trump lashes out at the intelligence community. The president called intelligence agencies "passive and naive" after the agencies issued their annual report on global threats that directly contradicted the president on several fronts including North Korea and Iran - https://nyti.ms/2FZeVrF

Republicans in Congress may have hurt the Mueller investigation. House Republicans waited more than two weeks to name their members of the House Intelligence Committee. That delay prevented the committee from releasing witness transcripts to the special counsel - https://nbcnews.to/2G03TSX

Trump says the Justice Department will decide whether to release the Muller report. President Trump said he's "chosen to stay out of" the decision - https://nyti.ms/2FZPYMG

Trump hopes Democrats tear themselves apart ahead of 2020, but he's terrified Joe Biden will get in the presidential race. President Trump reportedly is very worried the former vice president will run for president because he sees him as the biggest threat to another term in the White House - http://bit.ly/2FZSdjk

The 2020 electorate will be the most diverse ever. Nonwhites will make up a third of elegible voters, and 10 percent of voters will be members of Generation Z, who are between the ages of 18 and 23 - https://pewrsr.ch/2FYBCw5

Mitch McConnell says a bill to make election day a national holiday is a "power grab" by Democrats. The Senate Majority Leader says the move would cost too much because it makes election day a paid holiday for federal workers - https://wapo.st/2G0WRgY

Green new deal legislation coming. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey are teaming up on legislation to transform the economy to fight climate change. The legislation could be unveiled as early as next week - http://bit.ly/2FYBhtj

Pay raise for federal workers. House Democrats passed a 2.6 percent pay hike for federal workers over Republican objections - https://wapo.st/2G2ucb6

Sanders says God wanted Trump to become president. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday that divine intervention is the reason Trump is in the White House - https://politi.co/2G0G7Gn

The Fed signals no rate increases this year. The Federal Reserve has reversed its plan to further raise interest rates this year - https://nyti.ms/2G0HchB

The polar vortex continues to cripple the midwest. Punishing low temperatures have led to the death of at least eight people so far - https://nyti.ms/2G128oL

"We're getting soft." Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin said closing schools because of the extremely low temperatures was a sign Americans were weak - http://bit.ly/2G2uBKE

Foxconn may drop their plans to build flat-screen panels at a plant in Wisconsin. The company was promised $4 billion in state and local tax incentives, but now says they can't compete with lower-cost panels produced elsewhere in the world - https://cnn.it/2G2rUc0