11 days until the government runs out of funding.

Leaked schedules show Trump does mostly nothing. Axios got their hands on President Donald Trump's schedule for the past three months. The president spent most of his time in unstructured "executive time" during which he watches TV, reads papers and phones friends and informal advisers - http://bit.ly/2GmAdyX

Trump will call for an end to the HIV epidemic during Tuesday's State of the Union address. The 10-year strategy will target communities with the most HIV infections to reduce transmissions by 2030 - https://politi.co/2GkVwRr

SOTU to focus on infrastructure spending. President Trump also plans to renew his call for major infrastructure legislation during the address on Tuesday night - http://bit.ly/2SozovU

Virginia governor Ralph Northam facing growing calls to resign. A photo of a man in blackface next to another dressed as a Klan member from Northam's medical school yearbook surfaced last week. Northam held an emergency meeting on Sunday night with top staffers and reportedly is considering stepping down - https://wapo.st/2GoKWZB

President Trump plans to keep U.S. troops in Iraq to monitor Iran. Trump said Sunday he wants a military presence to monitor Iran and strike against ISIS - https://nyti.ms/2GmWmx9

Trump calls U.S. military intervention in Venezuela "an option." The president says he turned down a requested meeting with socialist leader Nicolas Maduro because "we're very far along in the process" - https://reut.rs/2GlC6vD

Trump won't commit to making Mueller report public. The president would not promise to make the results of special counsel Robert Mueller's inquiry into Russia's ties to his campaign public, instead saying it was time to "get rid" of the probe - https://nyti.ms/2GmELW4

Trump "would have a hard time" letting his son play football. President Trump said he would let his son, Barron, play football if he wanted to, but he wouldn't "steer him that way" - https://wapo.st/2GmFeaM

Anti-shutdown legislation is unlikely to pass. Members of Congress have introduced at least 30 bills to block another government shutdown, but most of those won't go anywhere - http://bit.ly/2GjLS1s

Trump sought a loan from Deutsche Bank during the 2016 campaign but was turned down. The bank rejected him because they were worried he might win the presidency then default on the loan - https://nyti.ms/2SojkdI

Polls! Polls! Polls!

  • Americans overwhelmingly support raising taxes on multimillionaires and the super-rich - https://politi.co/2Sp4Slz

  • Nobody likes Howard Schultz. The former Starbucks CEO who is mulling an independent run for president in 2020 has astronomically high disapproval ratings - http://bit.ly/2SsDlQi

The Defense Department announced plans to send nearly 4,000 additional troops to the U.S.-Mexico border. The troops will be deployed for three months to provide support for border agents - http://bit.ly/2SuJFGM

Backlash from an FDA crackdown on e-cigarettes. Conservatives and libertarians say the government agency may be going too far - https://wapo.st/2Gn7pX0

Trump moves to stop a 2020 primary challenge. President Trump's re-election campaign is mobilizing to elevate pro-Trump supporters at the state level to keep any potential 2020 primary challenger out of the race - http://bit.ly/2SlYqMc

Wait..what? A White House staffer maintains President Trump's skin color is the result of "good genes" and not a tanning bed or bronzer - https://nyti.ms/2SsA03B

Facebook turns 15 today. The social network has achieved an unprecedented global reach since its birth on January 4, 2005 - https://econ.st/2GkVMjn