Here we go. Democrats launch a sweeping investigation into President Donald Trump and people in his orbit. House Democrats requested documents from 81 people and entities, including the president's sons. The investigation seemingly could lay the groundwork for impeachment -

Abuse of power? According to a blockbuster report from Jane Mayer in the New Yorker, President Trump allegedly demanded the Justice Department intervene to block a merger between AT&T and Time Warner in order to hurt CNN and boost Fox News -

  • The same report says Fox News discovered the hush money payments from the Trump campaign to adult film actress Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election but sat on the story because the network wanted Trump to win -

Senate Republicans working to limit defections on Trump's border emergency. Now that there are enough votes to pass a resolution to block President Trump's emergency declaration to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, Senate Republicans are trying to keep as many of their party from voting against the president as they can -

  • Sen. Rand Paul says there are "at least" 10 GOP senators who are set to vote against President Trump's emergency declaration -

Hillary Clinton will not run in 2020. For the first time on camera, Hillary Clinton says she will not make a bid for the 2020 Democratic nomination -

Michael Cohen's lawyers reportedly asked for a pardon by President Trump. A lawyer for Cohen approached Trump's attorneys and raised the possibility of a pardon -

Democrats to vote on anti-Semitism measure. Allegedly anti-Semitic comments from freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar are forcing Democratic leaders to take a public vote on a resolution condemning anti-Semitic rhetoric, but it does not single out Omar -

Trump's trade war cost Americans at least $3 billion per month last year. Two new studies found the tariffs imposed by President Trump had a massive impact on the U.S. economy, contributing to higher prices and taxes -

HUD Secretary Ben Carson says he'll leave his post at the end of Trump's first term. Carson said in a TV interview he wants to return to the private sector -

The NSA shut down a controversial surveillance program. The system logged the calls and texts of Americans searching for possible domestic threats -

A new study says no link between the measles vaccine and autism. Researchers in Denmark say the MMR vaccine does not increase the risk of autism in children -

A second person may have been cured of HIV. Scientists say a man in London with the infection is in long-term remission -