Trade deficit explodes under Trump. President Donald Trump promised to get rid of the country's trade deficit during the 2016 campaign. Instead, it has ballooned to a record $891 billion last year -

Democrats freeze Fox News out of primary debates over reports about President Trump's relationship with the network. The Democratic National Committee had floated the idea of letting Fox News host a primary debate, but abruptly said the network was no longer under consideration after reports surfaced the organization spiked the story that President Trump paid hush-money to an adult film actress prior to the 2016 election because Rupert Murdoch wanted Trump to win -

  • President Trump floated the idea of skipping presidential debates following the decision by the DNC -
  • Fox News personalities are hoping the DNC reconsiders the decision -

Democrats are wary of targeting President Trump's adult children in their investigations. Democrats are worried ramping up their investigations to include Trump's children could backfire on them -

Cohen provides documents allegedly showing President Trump's lawyers helped him give false testimony to Congress. President Trump's former personal lawyer gave documents to the House Intelligence Committee showing changes made by Trump's attorneys to a knowingly false written statement he gave to Congress in 2017 -

Cohen wanted a pardon from Trump. Cohen had his representatives reach out to President Trump's lawyers seeking a pardon -

Troubling. The U.S. government tracked journalists and immigration activists through a secret database. Leaked documents show the government established the database to track those tied to the migrant caravan and, in some cases, placed alerts on their passports -

471 parents were deported without their children during family separations. The latest court filing found that the Trump administration deported the parents without the chance of being reunified with their children first -

The White House turns up the heat on Republicans over border emergency. The White House is pressuring Republicans who may vote for a resolution to block Trump's emergency declaration -

House Democrats are divided over rebuke to anti-semitic remarks. The majority party in the House is fighting over a resolution condemning remarks by Rep. Ilhan Omar that some said are anti-semitic -

Whoops! The man President Trump's sons hired as the caretaker of the private hunting reserve they own in upstate New York is an immigrant from Mexico who entered the country illegally more than two decades ago - 

Ross broke the law and violated the Constitution with citizenship question on 2020 Census. A federal judge ruled Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross acted in "bad faith" by adding a question about citizenship status to the Census -

Lower the voting age to 16? Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley is floating a plan to lower the voting age to 16, which could happen as soon as the 2020 presidential election -

A new focus for Facebook? The founder and CEO of the social media platform says he wants to reposition the platform to make it more privacy-focused -

Nooooo! Longtime Jeopardy host Alex Trebek announced Wednesday he had been diagnosed with stage-4 pancreatic cancer. He plans to continue working while he undergoes treatment -