Impeaching Trump "not worth it." Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in an interview she was not in favor of an attempt to impeach President Donald Trump because "he's just not worth" the division and political chaos that would result -

Trump's budget proposal cuts nearly $1 trillion from Medicare. The spending cuts are due to massive deficits fueled mostly by massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations -

More legal trouble for Trump. The New York Attorney General opened new investigations into the Trump Organization relating to the financing of four major projects and Trump's failed attempt to buy the Buffalo Bills of the NFL -

New book claims Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's are President Trump's chief enablers. The book from investigative journalist Vicky Ward also claims Trump directed former chief of staff John Kelley to fire Ivanka and Jared from the White House -

Cheney vs. Pence. Former Vice President Dick Cheney reportedly lit into current Vice President Mike Pence at a private gathering, saying the Trump administration's foreign policy "looks a lot more like Barack Obama than Ronald Reagan," according to a transcript of the event -

The U.S. pulls remaining embassy staff from Venezuela. The decision is a result of the ongoing diplomatic crisis in the country -

Russia will continue meddling in western elections and prepare for an armed conflict with NATO. A new intelligence report concludes over the next year Russia plans to meddle in the European Parliament elections and continue their massive cyberespionage campaign against the West -

Dems to Milwaukee. The Democratic National Committee picked Milwaukee as the site of their 2020 national convention -

Brexit breakthrough? Britain is set to leave the European Union in just 17 days. British Prime Minister Theresa May says she has secured new concessions from the EU -

More trouble for Tucker Carlson. More old audio tapes of Fox News host Tucker Carlson surfaced Monday. In the recordings he referred to the Iraqi people as "semiliterate primitive monkeys." He also used homophobic language in the tapes -

Facebook blocked Elizabeth Warren's ads calling for the breakup of tech giants. The social network reinstated the ads after her supporters noticed they had been nixed -

Wait...what? One of President Trump's golf clubs lists Trump as the 2018 club champion..even though he didn't actually play in the club tournament -